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Magnus Chase Book One Review

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book One: The Sword of Summer (Rick Riordan's Norse Mythology) - Christopher Guetig, Rick Riordan

    Magnus is a homeless orphan who never knew his Father and lost his mother two years prior.His sixteenth birthday has come up and his Uncle Randolph tells him that he is a child of a Norse God.On that same day he is confronted by a fire giant named Surt who wants to claim a sword known as "Sumarbrander" or The Sword of Summer.In the fight Magnus was killed and sent to Vallhalla by a Valkyrie.With the help of her and his two other friends one of them is a deaf-mute elf and the other is a dwarf and they are trying to stop the Fernis Wolf and delay Ragnarok.


    I would recommend this book because it has a nice mixture of entertainment and adventure.If you have read any other books by Rick Riordan then there will be similar elements to the other series.Overall the book was very nice and entertaining and if you havent read any other books by Rick then i am pretty sure you will enjoy this.